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PE song with Jaqui

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

As you know, before we start PE, we always sing a special song at the beginning and end. Please join us with the actions.

Today way don't you take your own take on the traditional ring toss game.

This game worked great if you were throwing close range, but if you wanted the rings to be thrown from a decent distance the paper plates are not dense/heavy enough. In this case I'd probably either layer and glue several plates together or wrap them in something like string or twine to weight them.

Items you need * paper plates * paint * scissors * long cardboard tube (from cling wrap, peper towel etc...) * sticky tape Cut the centre from some paper plates to use as your 'rings'. To make the stand I just cut slits in the bottom of the cardboard tube and flattened the ends, then taped it to the reverse side of a plate so it would stand up.

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