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Brown Bear story and activity

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Jeanette is reading you a story today.

We love animal books because there are always fun ways to do the gross motor movement. Gross Motor Activities For Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?:

Always remember to do activities that are at your child’s physical level. I make sure to try and show the movements first before we do them. Brown Bear: Do bear walking around the room. Mix it up by doing it slow, fast, forward and backward. This is a great full body movement. Red Bird: Flap your arms like a bird. They can do this slow or fast. You can also do a variation with this by holding arms back making a v and zooming around the room. Yellow Duck: Waddle like a duck. This is fun to quack at the same time. We do forward and backward with this motion. Blue Horse: Gallop like a horse. The girls gallop around the room and love it. We do slow and fast. Green Frog: Frog Jumps across the room. You can change it up by seeing how high or how far they can jump. We also do fast jumps and slow jumps. It is fun to mix up big and small jumps as well. Purple Cat: Pretend to be a cat swatting at a ball. The girls would be on their hands and knees and would take one hand and move the hand in front of the body. Just like they were swatting a pretend ball. This was great to work on balance. White Dog: Beg like a dog. We go from our hands and knees to holding hands up in the air and kneeling. We repeat the movement several times. This gives lots of up and down movement.

Black Sheep: crawl like a sheep. We crawled around on the floor. We did slow and fast and forward and backward. Goldfish: Swim like a fish. We did two different motions for this. We did kicking with just feet and swimming with just arms. Teacher: Walk around the room. This was fun for them to just walk after doing the different animal movements. Children: Jumping up and down. Children like to jump. These are very fun and easy way to get your kids moving while reading a book!

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