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Owl Babies story

Enjoy today's story with Sarah.


  • Read the story and describe the personalities of each of the baby owls. How do we know what each owl baby is like?

  • Describe the wood where the owls live. How is it different at day time and night time?

  • Before reading to the end, ask children to predict where the owls' mum has gone to. Why did she leave them?

  • Act out the story and discuss the feelings of the babies and their mum at different points in the story?


  • Find about the habitats of different creatures.

  • Make a food chain which includes owls. What do they eat? What creatures might eat them?

  • Learn about owls and how they hunt, using videos


  • Draw your own picture of an owl family.

  • Draw pictures of other baby creatures.

  • Use items found in your garden grounds (e.g. leaves, twigs, feathers) to create a picture of an owl outdoors.


  • Can you find places in your local areas where owls might live? What can we do to protect those habitats?


  • Discuss how the owls are feeling at different points in the story. How could the mum owl have stopped the babies from worrying?

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