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Hand washing song and 10 in the Bed story

Good morning! Here is our nursery Hand washing song. Sang by some of our lovely children from nursery. Do you remember their names? So sing along whilst washing your hands and teach everybody the nursery way. Also don't forget always to sneeze and cough into your elbow or into a tissue. And as you know, put your tissue in the bin and wash your hands. Remind your family too. I'm sure some of them have already forgotten.

And here is a lovely story read by our staff member Jaqui. After you listened to the story. Can you find 10 animals and re tell it to your family. And don't forget to tidy up your toys afterwards! Not mum or dad or sibling!

Join also in with the World wide Bear Hunt Adventure. Your parents might have read about it in the news or you might have the book at home. Here is the link to read about it.

So don't forget to put a Teddy in your window for your Bear Hunt Adventure when you go for your walk. How many Teddies can you spot? Make a chart and record how many you find. What colours can you see? Do they have patterns? Can you find some swishy swashy grass? Where is the cave? Etc.

We hope you are still practicing to put your own coat and shoes on! Don't forget to hang your coat up and put your own shoes away when you get back home.

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