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Building Boats

Share some pictures and/or models of different types of boats and ask your child why they think the boats float.

Do a sink or float experiments to test various objects. After testing objects, ask your child to plan what materials they will need to make their own boats. Encourage them to draw blueprints before they begin building (another eyfs area covered).

Open ended questions you can ask:

• What do you notice about the different boats?

• What things are the same or different?

• Why do some objects float?

• How could you get the boat to move?

Ask your child to work out how they

can get their boats to move in the

water and have a boat race.

Materials needed:

• Various materials such as cardboard,

disposable plates, paper, straws, tape, glue, plastic food trays, foil trays, butter or margarine tubs.

• Pictures or models of different types

of boats

After their boats are complete they can test their boats to see if they will float.

Keeping everyone Safe remember to mop

up any spills

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