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Walking with children

As you know our nursery is located near a busy road and wanted to make you aware of following road safety advice. There are also a few videos you can share with your children and talk to them about how to stay safe with you. Please read below advice from road safety charity Brake.

Walking is good for our bodies and good for the planet, it's also a great way to spend time with children and talk about important road safety issues

When parents walk with their children it gives the whole family a chance to exercise, experience the world around them and spend time with each other, talking and learning about roads.

Brake's top tips for keeping children safe near roads

Children under 8 should always hold a grown up's hand when walking near roads

When walking near a road it is a good idea to:

  1. Hold your child's hand - don't let them run ahead. Make sure hand-holding is your number one rule. If your child is likely to pull away from you, use safety reins or a wrist strap. Keep children on the inside, away from traffic, in case they trip.

  2. look out for and encourage your child to be aware of hidden entrances or driveways crossing the pavement

Talk to your child about road safety, the dangers, why you need to hold hands, where to cross safely. Go on walks and practice crossing the road, holding your hand, pushing the button on crossings, and waiting for the ‘green man’. Get them into the habit of holding your hand.


It can be hard for motorists to see small children, especially when they are reversing, so take extra care. Never let your child go near a road alone or even with an older child.

Children are generally not ready to cross roads on their own until they are at least eight years old - and many will not be ready even then.

Stay safe!

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