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A Warm Welcome back to Chevening School Nursery: Embracing New Families and Autumn Adventures

As the warm summer days gradually gave way to the crisp embrace of autumn, our Nursery is buzzing with excitement. The little ones have returned from their well-deserved holidays, and we're thrilled to welcome new families into our close-knit community. With the changing season comes a world of new opportunities for learning and growth. In this blog, we'll take you on a journey through our recent activities, from settling back into our routines to harvesting our mini allotment, exploring creativity with various materials, and whipping up delicious apple crumble.

Settling into Routine

The transition from holidays to school life can be a big step for our young learners. To ease them back into the rhythm of our nursery, we've focused on creating a nurturing and familiar environment. Morning circles, filled with songs, stories and PE, help our children reconnect with their friends and teachers. We've also introduced comforting routines like sharing circle time, where everyone gets a chance to express their thoughts and feelings. We encourage lots of independent self care ie. Washing hands, toilet use and putting our coat on. Maybe encourage them at home too.


Autumn is a time of abundance, and we've embraced this season by tending to our beloved mini allotment with Jaqui. The children have been active participants in nurturing our plants and vegetables. From planting seeds in the spring to watching them grow into vibrant vegetables, the journey has been a wonderful learning experience. Now, as we harvest the fruits of our labor, children gain a deeper understanding of the lifecycle of plants and the importance of patience and care.

Being Creative with Various Materials

Creativity knows no bounds in our setting. We encourage our young minds to explore their artistic sides using a wide range of materials. Whether it's painting, sculpting with playdoh, or experimenting with glue glitter and scissors our children have been busy creating masterpieces. These activities not only nurture their artistic talents but also enhance their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

Making Apple Crumble

One of the highlights of our autumn adventures has been making delicious apple crumble. Mixing the flour, sugar, and butter to create the crumbly topping was a lesson in teamwork and following instructions. I'm sure the aroma of the baked apples filled your home whilst eagerly awaiting the final product.


As we embrace the changing seasons and settle into our routines, our Nursery setting becomes a place of wonder, growth, and community. Welcoming back familiar faces and extending our arms to new families has enriched our environment, fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness. Through engaging activities like tending to our mini allotment, exploring creativity with various materials, and making apple crumble, we're not only nurturing young minds but also creating lasting memories. Here's to a season filled with laughter, learning, and the warmth of our Chevening School Nursery!

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