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A busy few weeks already

The children are loving the ice in the garden currently. Don't forget to dress them appropriately for the weather. We are encouraging independence by dressing themselves, so mittens and velcro shoes are best! As you can imagine it takes as forever to get everyone ready if they have laces on shoes and finger gloves!!!!!

We have been busy. Making our own playdoh in nursery. They loved that playdoh was warm.

We did lots of excercises in nursery using different equipments and movements. Practising our listening, staying on task, catching, throwing, balance, movements in different ways. Karen helped to decorate biscuits. Melting snowman ⛄. Very popular activity.

We have been focusing on the children's independence as you know ie. Taking your own coat off and on, hanging up your own coat, putting lunch box away, help to tidy up, Going to the bathroom by themselves, washing hands on their own, taking shoes off and putting them on, practising putting our socks on, dress themselves when dressing up etc, etc. Why not practice some at home too. You will need time and lots of encouragement. They are so proud of themselves when they achieve it.

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