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Separates a group of three or four

objects in different ways, beginning to

recognise that the total is still the


Put four objects on the floor, for instance, four teddies, four books, four tins of beans or food like marshmallows used in pictures.

Ask your child to count the objects and say how many there are.

Put two pieces of A4 paper (or two placemats) on the floor.

Invite your child to close their eyes whilst you put one object on one piece of paper

and the other three on the other.

Invite your child to count them again

altogether (still 4).

Ask them to close their eyes and move the objects so there are two on each piece of paper.

Invite your child to count them; again

the quantity remains as 4.

Try it with smaller or larger numbers of items according to the pace of learning for your child.

You will need:

Household items, food

A4 paper or placemats

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