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Welcome back and Garden update

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and your children are looking forward to lots of fun at nursery this new term.

Suzanne says it was lovely to meet some of you at the park yesterday.

As you will see tomorrow, our new garden isn't quite yet finished so please can you make sure that any older siblings at drop off are careful and parents/carers as well.

We will explain to our children the different areas of play. 

Please do remember to label everything clearly, including lunch boxes - on the OUTSIDE of the box - and if your child already has wellies, please bring these in so they can be left at nursery for when the children play in the garden. Don't forget to label these too.

We expect a few tears tomorrow from both children and parents but please do know you can call us up once you have dropped your child off so you can check they have settled in OK. 

Drop off is from 8.30am at nursery. 

11.30am/noon pick ups/drop offs are from the school pavement gate - please do not buzz the school office - nursery staff will bring your child down to the gate.

Pick ups for all day children are at the main school playground gates at 3pm prompt.

Finally, for those children claiming funded hours, the parental declaration forms are all at nursery in the register so please do try and sign them off at some point this week when you're signing in or out - appreciate it may not be that easy tomorrow, but Adele will also be on hand with clipboard and pen to catch as many of you as she can!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back and getting to know our new families and reconnecting with our existing ones.

Any questions, please do drop Adele an email. 

Kind regards The Nursery TeamSuzanne, Sarah, Jacqui, Susie, Vicki, Jeanette, Kate, Karen and Adele

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