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Number Hop - gross motor skills

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

This activity is ridiculously easy to set up. But it’s also an effective way to support kids who are working on number recognition, because it gets them moving around and having fun. Try Number Hop with your child and see how it goes!

For number hop, the only materials you need are cards with numbers written on them. We used card for this activity, but you could just as easily write numbers on pieces of paper. Spread your number cards on the floor where you have a bit of open space. ( you can also threw in some shape cards for good measure.)

Then you name a number and invited your child too hop, jump, or skip to it. Lots and lots of times.

Hopefully your child will be exhausted by now. You can extend this by letting them find the correct answer to a math question. Ie. 1+1 (1 more) , 2-1(1 less) etc. And for your older school child, they can maybe do different times tables.

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