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Mystery Readers

The children were so excited to share favourite book characters at nursery today.

Don’t forget we will be celebrating books all this week!

If you would like to surprise your child, we are looking for mystery readers to share stories with us. Send us a video of you reading one of your child’s favourite books and we will share it with Nursery during our carpet time. Disguises optional!

Your support to enhance our literacy area would be amazing. Sevenoaks Bookshop is kindly holding our wish list to purchase from (01732 452 055) or alternatively, you can make a donation direct to nursery at drop off/pick up.

Just look for our “World Book Day Book”. Thank you for all your continued support. Chevening School Nursery Team

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Ellise Reffell
Mar 01, 2021

This is brilliant! Eddie’s grandad is a postman, he could read the “ jolly postman”? Whilst in uniform??!! x

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