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Lots of fun, school visits, Olio App

We had another busy week. Some of us visited Forest School, and our children starting at school had the chance to visit reception class and the teachers came to say hello as well to us.

Our garden received some new stones for our Mud kitchen and we enjoyed an obstacle course outside. Lots of chalk painting and our water shooting targets are still popular. Amazing creativity through playdoh and big and small building blocks this week.

Have you heard about the Olio App?

It's Connecting neighbours to give away spare food & household items & shop homemade

**Featured by the BBC, ITV, Guardian, Wired, Time Out, Vogue & The Sunday Times**

Join millions of neighbours all over the world who are using OLIO to share more, care more and waste less.

OLIO connects neighbours with each other so food & household items can be shared for free, and homemade food & handmade crafts can be purchased & sold (in the new MADE section).

How to use OLIO

- Give away your spare food/non-food items on OLIO FREE

- Sell homemade food/handmade crafts on OLIO MADE

- Request/purchase whatever takes your fancy

- Share safely with your neighbours using no-contact pick-ups

- Explore our planet-friendly living feature OLIO GOALS

- Connect & be inspired in our global chat FORUM

It’s easy

- It takes just seconds to add a listing

- Most listings are requested in less than an hour!

It’s fun

- Give away food you won’t have time to eat and de-clutter other things you no longer want

- Find other things you might want

- Buy unique, one-of-a-kind items & support a neighbour

It’s safe

- Check out a user’s profile and star rating before sharing/buying

- Report or block any user

It’s better

- For the environment

- For the community

- For your wallet

OLIO can be used anywhere in the world, so please install today and give it a try!

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