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Family Tree/Staying at home

You might already have done a family tree for nursery, however if you didn't do it yet...Now is a good time.

Create a family tree on A4 paper (so it fits in your special folder) for nursery to show us when you come back. Or you can share it online with us via email or WhatsApp in the meantime.

And if you have done your family tree already, why not create an A4 collage with photos of "staying at home" theme. I'm sure you all have been busy and have created lots of memories/learning/fun activities with your home teachers/keyworker and family already in the last couple of weeks. And we are looking forward to see your lovely memories.

This is an activity focusing on People and Communities and the world. It's all about encouraging kids to find out similarities and differences between their friends’ families, traditions and personalities and their own.

  • Talk to children about their friends, their families and why they are important

  • Encourage children to talk about their own home and community life

  • Can they describe their own house, nursery, friend

  • Encourage children to share their feelings and talk about why they respond to experiences in a particular way

  • Do you remember your friends names in nursery?

  • Make children aware of features of the environment whilst home or on your walk introducing vocubulary

  • Where does your family live eg Town, village, road, path, house, flat.

  • Let your children explore a map.

  • Can they draw maybe a picture how to get to nursery

  • Encourage children the use of words that help children to express opinions eg busy, quit, and pollution

  • Pose open ended questions such as "how can we...?" or "what would happen if...?"

In a nutshell – Select some pictures of family members and relatives, friends, teachers (or even pets!), activities you have done in the last few weeks and create a family tree/Staying at home collage that you can share.

Any way you approach it will work so long as the little ones can feel connected with their home environment.

Here is a picture of one of our friends from nursery drawing a map from her house to nursery.

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