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Christmas Concert


Christmas is just around the corner!!

The children are busy learning their lines and actions for the songs they'll be singing at the nativity on Friday 2nd December.

Please find attached the words to the songs in your email so you can practice them together with your children 🎶🎵🎶 Any children that will be wearing costumes (most) will be given these soon. 🎅 ⛄😇🌟🐑 ❄ Please wash and if needed, mend/tidy up so they look nice and smart worn on the day! Your key person will let you know - if you don't already know - what character your child will be. Obviously we don't force children to wear any outfits if they don't want to on the day itself (or before!) but do let you child get used to wearing them beforehand if you can - maybe while they are showing you the songs and actions they have learned.

The details for the day are as follows: and I'm sure they'll be mentioned again between now and then...

9am: Everyone arrives at church. Children wearing their costumes and hopefully been to the toilet beforehand. There is a toilet at church.

9.15am: Nativity/concert starts. (family/grandparents etc welcome too).

10.45am: All over. Please can we ask for help with dismantling the stage and popping it in the school minibus after the event.

The raffle will be drawn at the church after the concert. Please do buy as many raffle tickets as you can and encourage friends and relatives to do the same. The raffle is usually a really good fundraiser for the nursery. Also, do let the reps know if you can offer any prizes etc.

Please take your child home in their costume and wash it again and return to the nursery the following week. There will be no nursery in the afternoon on this day.


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