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Busy busy bees

As usual nursery has been busy this term. What a great Jubilee Sports Day we had. We were celebrating the Queens Jubilee with school and we hope everyone had a lovely Fathers Day yesterday.

Our Queens Jubilee picnic

Exploring our senses

Our children enjoyed making their own toast and making savoury scones with Karen and Val. Thank you ladies. Our messy bubble painting was a great success. And we have been lucky with the sunshine. So lots of garden play involving sand and water.

Our focus this term is the children's personal, social and emotional development. This is crucial for children to lead a healthy and happy live and is fundamental to their cognitive development. Children are supported to manage emotions, develop a positive sense of self, set themselves simple goals, have confidence in their own abilities, to persist and wait for what they want and direct attention as necessary within nursery. Through supported interaction with other children they will learn how to make good friendships, Co operate and resolve conflicts peaceably. These attributes will provide a secure platform from which children can achieve at school and in later life.

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