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Build a Den - Literacy

Today's suggestion is building a den. Use materials you find at home ie. Chairs, blankets, sheets, pegs, pillows. You can do this inside or outside in the garden. Then find your favourite book. Mum or dad or sibling can read a story first and then your child chooses a story and they can read it to you using their own words and imagination. Maybe use a rhyming story, can you continue the rhyming string? Ie What rhymes with cat? Etc

Extend your stories. What will happen next? Maybe even draw a picture of your favourite book and send in your picture in an old fashioned envelope to Chevening School Nursery. Walk to the post box together. Haven't got envelope? Make one. Use an old one. Address on website. We love seeing what you have been up to. Or maybe your den can be a cave for a bear hunt. When in nursery all the children love acting out the story "We're going on a bear hunt".

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