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2018 Parent Questionnaire Feedback

  • The percentage of returned questionnaires was 75%

  • 100% of families find staff approachable, helpful and well informed.

  • When asked if they are aware of the nursery website, policies and blog, 90% said yes, 7% were unsure and 3% were unaware.

  • 67% of families found home visits very beneficial and 33% found them beneficial.

  • When asked if families feel the nursery is involving them in their child’s Early Years experience, 77% felt very involved and 23% felt involved.

  • Families were asked how they would like to share their child’s progression and development; 90% like our current learning journal (paper) and 10% would prefer a digital learning journal system.

  • When choosing Chevening School Nursery as their child’s Early Years experience, families said the following were priorities: having fun, making friends, gaining independence and confidence, experiencing new things and getting ready for school. 90% of families felt these priorities had been met and 10% felt unsure at this present time.

  • When asked what their child’s favourite activities at nursery were, these were the results: forest school, cooking, PE, music and songs, stories, arts and craft, building and construction and the mud kitchen.

  • Annual events enjoyed by families and children included sports day, Christmas plays and parties.

Some parent/carer comments:

Safe, supportive, nurturing, stimulating, caring

Outstanding staff who are kind and always friendly

So much interest is taken in each individual child and their needs and development


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