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Chicken Pox

There are several families with children at the main school and nursery who are currently unwell with chicken pox. This is one of those things that generally does the rounds at some point during the year and unfortunately this is our time!

In case you are unaware, usually about a week before the spots show themselves children may feel feverish and generally unwell. This then may progress to spots appearing on the their trunk but they can be all over the body. Children should not come to nursery when they present with spots (which usually become filled with a clear looking liquid). Please wait until all spots have completely crusted over as this is when they are no longer infectious.

There are several pregnant mums in school and nursery at the moment and chicken pox is one of the conditions they should not come into contact with, so if you are aware your child is unwell in this way then please let the nursery know and do not bring them into nursery.

For further information here is the NHS website: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/chickenpox


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